Due to the impact of COVID-19, we have special offers for our valued customers, SuperGold card holders and their caregivers.

·        Up to 58% discount!

·       Frames from $29.00 -$279.00 only (each frame comes with a glasses case, cleaning cloth & non-woven bag!)

·        Latest frames, numerous designs and styles

·        Large quantity

·        Free quotations on lenses

1.       Children under 16, FREE of charge (Eye check-ups, lenses, & frame) on C.S Cards (parents/guardians)

2.       You can bring your prescriptions too

3.      Eye check-ups for only $29.00

4.      Any 2 pairs of frames for only $499.00

6.      Over 500 frames for less than $89.00

A FREE transferable voucher is given when under 16's have an eye check-up, buy lenses and frames from us now, which can be used for any one of the following treatments: Acupuncture, Lipo Laser (for fat reduction), Dry Cupping or a Massage on the Thermal Jade Massage Bed!

FREE eye check-ups, glasses and frames for children under 16  (as per Enable New Zealand) on Community Services Card.

We are approved suppliers for MSD. Therefore all low income earners can come and see us for their eye check-ups and get quotations for frames and lenses.